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Half of the world's trash comes from packaging.

Let's face it, packaging overkill sucks.
We're committed to lower impact alternatives - minimal, bio-degradable, and always kind to the earth.

Our vision is a world without waste.

We don't let packaging get in the way.

Just the basics

Mountains of waste packaging isn't just frustrating, it's bad for the environment too. Who needs all those layers of wrapping tissue anyway? Here at MYË, we've trimmed the fat.

This is our promise to you: every order you make will arrive with thoughtful, minimal packaging that protects both your purchase and the environment.

Earth-friendly packaging

Single-use plastics have no place in our packaging. That's right, our packing materials are 100% bio-degradable.

sustainable kraft packaging

The poly bags typically used to pack online orders can take up to 1000 years to begin breaking down in a landfill.

Yet, they’ll never fully biodegrade.

You'd be glad to know we don't use them.

Instead, your products will arrive bundled in a kraft paper sleeve - cute, minimal, and fully biodegradable.

kraft mailer packaging

But wait, there's more.

We've opted for kraft mailers instead of nasty poly mailers or bulky carton boxes.

With their fully collapsible structure, we've made sure our kraft mailers are not just recyclable, they're easy to recycle too.

plantable seed paper packaging

Grow new life

We didn't just stop there.

Our hangtags and thank you cards are printed on seed paper. You heard us right. Watch little saplings grow from our cards when you plant them (and show some love).

Just a little gift to thank you and the planet.

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