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8 million tonnes of plastic trash enter our oceans every year.

That’s why we’ve chosen to use only materials made from recycled plastic bottles.

We've decided to make a difference.

You can too.

Our tops and leggings are made exclusively from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Yes, you heard us right! We’ve rescued discarded plastic bottles from ending up in oceans and turned them into cute and comfy workout clothes for you. That means your next purchase from us directly contributes to protecting the environment and the earth will thank you for it. We know we will.

How we do it

Every MYË garment starts life off as a bunch of plastic bottles saved from polluting landfills and oceans.

They’re then crushed, sorted, washed, and finally spun into yarn at a recycling plant in Taiwan. We go on to turn them into cute workout gear for you.

RPET recycled water bottles process

Join us as we breathe new life into non-biodegradable plastic waste with MYË activewear.

Good for the environment, and looks great on you.

Reduced carbon footprint

The truth is this: most activewear isn’t great for the environment. Conventional workout clothes are made from petroleum-derived virgin polyester that use tons of energy and water, and release an abundance of greenhouse gases in the process.

But listen, we’ve got great news - you can now sweat it out guilt-free. Besides breathing new life into plastic waste, MYË’s recycled activewear also uses significantly less energy and water to produce, and saves a whole lot of carbon dioxide from being released too.


Safe for you

And in case you’re wondering, our recycled polyester fabric is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

That means it’s free of nasty chemicals and 100% safe for you to sweat in.

Discover recycled activewear

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